Eight of The Best Beginner AR15s & Other AR-Style Rifles

There are dozens of reasons that the AR-15 and its variants are America’s favorite rifles. Most have to do with their reliability and almost infinite ways the platform can be customized for a wide range of uses. It’s almost like Legos for adults. There are so many aftermarket options, add-ons and upgrades, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with one. But that range of options can be confusing for first-time buyers wondering what is the best beginner AR. There are so many rifles offered by such a large number of makers, first-timers can easily get intimidated, worried that they’ll make the wrong choice with their first purchase or not know what AR-15 magazines to buy for it. We’ve put together a list of some of the best beginner AR15s you can find.

The good news is that the AR-15 is such a standardized platform that it’s difficult to make a bad choice these days. But a little guidance makes a lot of newbies more comfortable, so here are eight affordable options that constitute the best beginner AR-15 rifles that you can feel good about buying.

#1: Aero Precision AERO AC-15M

Aero Precision AERO AC-15M

The AERO AC-15 Mid-Length Rifle is a budget-friendly, high-quality rifle featuring mil-spec parts and accessories made in America. The cost-efficient AV-15M is ready to go, right out of the box and can easily be upgraded down the road.

#2: Anderson Mfg. AM-15 16” Carbine

Anderson Mfg. AM-15 16” Carbine

The AM-15 Optic Ready 5.56 16″ – M4 is Anderson’s entry-level rifle. Anderson makes all their own parts so you’re getting a quality, American-made rifle and one of the best beginner AR15s at a very affordable price. It’s ready for you to add either the iron sights or optic of your choice and head straight to the range.

#3: FN 15 Patrol Carbine

FN 15 Patrol Carbine

For those willing to spend a little extra, FN America’s FN 15 Patrol Carbine is one of the best options available. FN makes rifles and other small arms for the US military and you can see that pedigree in the FN 15 Patrol Carbine. The rifle comes with a 16” alloy steel, button broached, chrome-lined barrel, Samson flip-up rear sight for compact and reliable back-up sighting and a Midwest Industries quad rail handguard for front grip and accessory options.

#4: Palmetto State Armory PSA 16” M4 Carbine

Palmetto State Armory PSA 16” M4 Carbine

The PSA M4 is one of the best beginner AR rifles for a new owner. It features a flat-top rail to accommodate any kind of optics or sights the shooter wants, along with US-made forged upper and lower assemblies that are a step above many entry level rifles.

#5: Ruger AR-556

Ruger AR-556

The Ruger AR-556 gives first-time buyers virtually everything they need in an entry-level AR pattern rifle. From its carbine-length 16” barrel to its six-position telescoping M4-style stock, the AR-556 gives new AR rifle owners everything they need – right out of the box – to get going and then go from there.

#6: SIG Sauer M400 Tread

SIG Sauer M400 Tread

SIG’s M400 TREAD is an optics ready, aluminum frame AR platform rifle that’s ideal for the first-time AR buyer. The TREAD features a 16” stainless steel barrel with a free-floating M-LOK handguard, a single-stage polished/hard-coat trigger, ambidextrous controls and a Magpul 6 position telescoping stock.

#7: Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II

Smith & Wesson’s M&P15 Sport II may be the most popular entry-level AR rifle available. Built to perform multiple uses under various conditions, the lightweight, rugged M&P15 Sport II is designed for a wide variety of recreational, sport shooting and home defense applications. Best of all for the new owner, they’re easy to accessorize should you choose to down the road.

#8: Springfield Armory SAINT 5.56 M-LOK

Springfield Armory SAINT 5.56 M-LOK

The Springfield Armory SAINT 5.56 is the best beginner AR for home defense, competition or fun at the range. Springfield uses top-end Bravo Company M-Lok compatible handguards that give you plenty of space for accessories. A Springfield SAINT rifle is a great choice for the first-time AR buyer for out-of-the box fun and performance.

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