Amend 2 Glock Magazine Review

Amend 2 Glock Magazine Review

Amend 2 Glock Magazine Review

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TacticalasBuck recently reviewed an Amend 2 Glock 17 Magazine. Check out what he had to say!


When I first saw the Glock 17 magazine from Amend 2, I was intrigued. There were many  people covering it at Shot Show 2018 where it was debuted. The red follower drew my eye to the top of magazine, while the large base plate screamed for my attention. The view ports on the back begged to be loaded. Before buying this magazine I had never used of the Amend 2 magazines. I have seen them at guns shows, a picture or two of them on Instagram but no one I knew really used them. When I learned that the Amend 2 Glock 17 magazine held 18 rounds of 9mm and where priced under $20 I decided to pick one up. I order the magazine directly from the Amend 2 website.


When I received the magazine it was nicely packaged in a clear bag with printed logos, magazine information and their mission statement. The magazine also came with a nice Amend 2 sticker to place their logo where you desire. While holding the magazine in my hand ,I noticed the polymer felt light, yet robust. The red follower depressed smoothly and the spring elevated the follower without hesitation. The view ports on the back are clearly marked and the large base seemed to be durable.


Once I got the magazine out to the range, I conducted some drop tests. I dropped the magazine from different heights, and on to different surfaces. The magazine performed well when being dropped and thrown in the air. Throwing the magazine against a blue barrel caused the base plate to come off just a small amount. After sliding the base plate back on the magazine never failed. A fully loaded magazine did not lose any rounds when tossed in the air and dropped. One test I was excited about was how fast the magazine would drop free out of my Glock 17. With the large baseplate my expectations were high. The magazine glided out smoothly as I depressed the magazine release. Shooting fast was not problem, the magazine fed my rounds with ease. The magazine locking the slide back was reliable and the red follower gave you a visual that your gun needs more freedom seeds.


Overall the magazine seems to be a high value option for Glock 17/19 owners. For $13.99 you get an 18 round magazine with a large base plate and view ports in the back of the magazine. I think that this magazine will benefit those who are looking to get the most bang for their buck and not compromise quality. I highly recommended these magazines and will continue to put them to the test in the future.


Stay tacticool,




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Pickup an Amend 2 Glock 17 magazine at The Mag Shack. While browsing, checkout the line of other Amend 2 Glock magazines and their Ar-15 mags. All of the Amend 2 magazines feature the same high quality parts and manufacturing process. These magazines are produced out of Idaho. Most of the parts used for manufacturing are even sourced locally. Not only do they manufacture great magazines, they stand behind their products. All of these magazines come with a life time warranty.


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