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AK-47 Magazines

Shop the best selection of AK-47 magazines online from top brands like Magpul, US Palm, Arsenal Inc, and many more. We know that AK rifles are robust, easy to use, and operate under strict tolerances – and AK magazines should be no different. Our selection of AK-47 magazines caters to various shooting demands and personal tastes. For something standard but reliable, try the Magpul PMAG 30 AK GEN 2 MOE. Want something more authentic? Splurge on the Bulgarian-style Arsenal Inc. Circle 10 30rd.

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Frequently asked questions about AK-47 magazines

What is the highest capacity magazine for an AK-47?

The highest capacity magazines that we carry for AK-47s are 75-round drums from Century Arms and KCI.

Are AK-74 and AK-47 magazines interchangeable?

No, AK-74 and AK-47 magazines are not interchangeable, as the two firearms are chambered in different calibers (5.45×39 and 7.62×39, respectively).

Why are AK-47 magazines curved?

Since the typical AK-47 ammunition has a significant taper, the curvature of the magazine helps ensure that the ammunition feeds smoothly and reliably.