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Grand Power Stribog Magazines

Browse our selection of factory Grand Power Stribog magazines and pick a few up today. Whether you’re looking for 9mm or .22 LR magazines for your Stribog, we have you covered. The Stribog is well-known for its reliability, so you’ll want your magazines to be the same. Don’t forget to ask one of our magazine experts for help if you can’t decide which magazine is right for you!

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Frequently asked questions about Grand Power Stribog magazines

Does the Grand Power Stribog accept Glock magazines?

The Stribog SP9 A3G is the only model that accepts Glock magazines.

What is the standard magazine capacity for the Grand Power Stribog?

A 30-round magazine often comes standard with the Stribog, but ten and 20-round magazines are also very common.

Who makes the most reliable Stribog magazines?

Grand Power delivers the most reliable Stribog magazines, which is why we carry them. However, we may offer aftermarket magazines at some point, so check back soon!