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Steyr AUG Magazines

If you’re looking for your next Steyr AUG magazine, you’re in luck. We only carry the most reliable Steyr AUG magazines, which are straight from the factory or from one of the most trusted magazine manufacturers in the industry, Magpul. 

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Frequently asked questions about Steyr AUG magazines

Can I use standard AR-15 magazines in my Steyr AUG?

Most AUG models do not accept standard AR-15 magazines. Only the NATO AUG model will accept standard AR-15 magazines.

What is an AUG waffle magazine?

An AUG waffle magazine is simply the style name of the genuine Styer AUG magazines. They feature a waffle pattern texturing on the body of the magazine.

I was told to only use factory Steyr Arms magazines for my AUG. Are there other reliable magazines I can use?

We love our factory Steyr Arms magazines for the AUG, but Magpul also offers reliable magazines for the Steyr AUG.