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GSG-16 Magazines

Welcome to our selection of factory and aftermarket GSG-16 magazines. Here at The Mag Shack, we strive to provide a wide range of magazine capacities to fit any need, from ten up to 110 rounds.

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Frequently asked questions about GSG-16 Magazines

What gun is the GSG-16 most comparable to?

Many shooters choose the GSG-16 as an affordable alternative to the HK MP5 .22 LR. Keep in mind, you’ll pay quite a bit more for the HK!

What is the largest magazine I can buy for my GSG-16?

Our highest-capacity magazine is a 110-round drum mag. While we’re not here to tell you how many rounds you should have, 110 “should” be enough for most applications!

What does GSG stand for?

GSG stands for German Sport Guns, which is the manufacturer.