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HK VP9 Magazines

Shop our selection of factory and aftermarket HK VP9 magazines today! Whether you’re looking for compliant 10-round magazines or extended and translucent aftermarket magazines, or any magazine in between, we have you covered. 

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Frequently asked questions about HK VP9 magazines

Are HK VP9 magazines compatible with the HK P30?

Yes! You can use HK VP9 magazines with P30 pistols. 

Do HK VP9 magazines also work in HK VP9SK/P30SK pistols?

Yes! Both HK VP9SK and P30SK pistols take VP9 magazines. Please note that they will stick out a little bit, as they feature a longer magazine body.

Some HK VP9 magazines have a red follower, and some have a black follower. Does it matter which one my magazine has?

The color of your follower does not affect the performance of your pistol. Some prefer a colored follower to quickly identify empty magazines.