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Best Alternative Pistols To Glock or Sig Sauer

September 16, 2023

By: Brady Kirkpatrick at Gunmade.com


Choosing between Glock and Sig Sauer is as classic as choosing between Ford or Chevy. It’s almost as bad as believing in a two-party system. Enough of that; there are some pistols that I want you to consider instead when you visit your local gun store. 

I’ve had my hands on the tactical variations of these firearms and had a brief dance with the smaller versions, and these handguns left me wanting to get rid of my P320 on the spot. 

These pistols have aftermarket support, reliability, function, and, dare I say, aesthetics that will have you wanting to stare at them all day. And that is important. 

These pistols also come in multiple shapes and sizes. In case you want a full-sized handgun or a new concealed carry. 

They also have their respective tactical variations, even on their smaller firearms, which I find neat. Put a suppressor on a compact firearm with a 24-round magazine? Sounds like a good time to me. 

Let’s get into them. 

Note: The firearms are not custom-level expensive but can cost you a G note if you don’t find a deal. The gun market has been insane in recent years, with manufacturers charging an arm, a leg, and the keys to your home just to add it to the safe. It’s best to find a deal. And no, I was not paid to say nice things. 


FN 509 

FN 509 Tactical

FN 509 Tactical. Courtesy of FN

There have been plenty of firearms from FN that have won our hearts over the years. Think of the FNX-45, or the Five-SeveN, or the SCAR—firearms that have changed the name of the game for many of us. 

Black Ops 2, anyone?

When the U.S. Army sought a new 9mm handgun for duty use, FN masterminded the 509 Tactical, which offered suppressor height sights, a threaded barrel, and a 24-round magazine. 


When I shot the 509 Tactical with its 24-round magazine, it felt like a never-ending love story. The size of the pistol itself, along with the balance and feel of the pistol itself, made me feel secure, with the grip filling my hand just right. 

The compact tactical variation doesn’t fit my hand the same way, of course, but the 24-round magazine does give me more real estate when getting a good grip on the 509 Tactical Compact. 

What I love most about the 509 series are the size options that are available. FN actually realizes that there are people with large hands, small hands, and all of the other sizes in between and offers a mid-size variant as well. 

Wow, who would have thought? (I say that with complete sarcasm).

And they offer it for all of their 509 models, from the Tactical to the standard 509. 

The use of a threaded cold hammer forged barrel, high 24-round magazine capacity, suppressor height tritium sights, and attractive curves make the 509 line a perfect substitute. 


Walther PDP 

Walther PDP Pro SD

Walther PDP Pro SD. Courtesy of Sportsman’s Warehouse.


The Walther PDP is a personal favorite of mine. It’s one of the only pistols I have ever fired that immediately had me nit-picking every pistol I fired subsequently. It was the most horrible and regretful experience since entering the Air Force chow hall in the wrong uniform. 

I immediately wanted to change sides like this was a game of Capture the Flag. 

I shot the full-size PDP Pro SD. It had all the fixings. The suppressor height sights, a 4” threaded cold hammer forged barrel, 18+1 magazine capacity (the one downside), and ergonomics that fit the hand like a tailored suit. 

And don’t get me started on the trigger. It’s easily the best trigger on the market out of the box. The pull, reset, with almost no takeup and a defined wall. Followed by a crisp and tactile break. It’s a marvel.

You know what I mean? 

I was overjoyed with shooting it. Returning to my P320 felt like getting back in your 2006 Suzuki GSXR-600 after riding a 2020 Yamaha R1M. Let’s just say I sold my bike after that. Its just not the same.

Given the competition, I would have liked a larger magazine capacity. Why have 19 when you can have 25 rounds with the FN 509T? 

Heckler and Koch VP9 

Heckler and Koch VP9 Tactical OR

Heckler and Koch VP9 Tactical OR. Courtesy of H&K


H&K is one of those companies that turns out some real bangers. And this is going back to the 50s with the G3. I’ve always said that Germans, no matter the playing field, have a knack for creating some fine pieces of machinery. 

Guns, cars, anything involved with engineering, quite frankly. 

They have a knack for cranking out heavy ordnance as well… But we don’t have to get into that. 


The VP9 series is a testament to the quality of firearms one could expect from H&K. My personal experience with the VP9 comes in the form of the Tactical OR, thanks to a buddy in my shooting group. 

Talk about an esthetic masterpiece. If I had my choice of a pistol for a mantlepiece, the VP9 Tactical OR would be the one I go with. With a suppressor for the end of the threaded cold hammer forged barrel. 

In the hand, you think back to when Grandma said that there is someone out there for everyone. The slight grooves on the grip are chef’s kiss. Don’t get me started on that crispy hash brown of a trigger. 

All around on hell of a shooter. Accurate as the day is long. 

It was almost perfect until I got to the magazine capacity and the fact that the carry size doesn’t have a threaded barrel. Still, the VP9 series has everything you want or need in a pistol. 


Again, I know these pistols may be expensive. Still, out of the box, these pistols are some of the finest you’ll ever put your hands on. Plus, they come with all of the upgrades you’ll probably add on later anyway. 

Saves you a lot of money this way, you know? 

As for me, I’m eyeballing the Walther or H&K for my next pistol. I need a new mantlepiece. 

Be good and take care of yourself.