Magpul AR-15 .223/5.56 Magazine Assist (3 Pack)




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Magpul AR-15 .223/5.56 Magazine Assist (3 Pack)
This is the factory OEM Magpul AR-15 Magazine Assist (3 Pack).

This is the original “Magpul,” which put Magpul Industries on the map. The Magpul is a magazine accessory that attaches to the base of your magazine for quick and controlled movement under periods of high stress. The rubber loop features a rough gripping surface, to further promote control and handling when the magazine is being transferred.

This design is based upon the crude para-cord loops and duct-tape tabs used in special forces worldwide. Magpul’s magazine assist provides far more durability, reliability, and comfortability than its tried-and-true predecessors.

The Magpul AR-15 Magazine Assist (3 Pack) comes in three different colors: black, OD green, and FDE. Pick up your favorite from The Mag Shack!



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