The Daily Shooter Hexmag Series 2 Review Video

Hexmag Series 2

The Daily Shooter, a Youtube video producer out of California recently conducted a review of the new Hexmag Series 2 Ar-15 Magazine. The Mag Shack supplied him with the 10/30 Hexmags which are especially made for state restriction compliance. They use a unique blocking system which cuts the length of the spring, meaning that no pinning or gluing is necessary. The magazine retains the ability to disassemble for cleaning and inspection. The Series 2 Hexmag also available in the standard 30 round capacity. Both the 10/30 and 30 round come in all four of the standard Hexmag colors; Black, FDE, OD Green and Dark Grey.

Here is a brief overview of the Hexmag Series 2 Design Improvements

  1. A revised feed lip profile means greater rifle compatibility. Made with; PWS, Armalite M-15 Competition, Stag, Anderson Manufacturing, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Daniel Defense, and Mossberg rifles in mind.
  2. Easier seating on a closed bolt and greater retaining power is made possible with a revised catch-pocket and lead in ramp.
  3. Easier loading, now made with stripper clip grooves
  4. Series 2 Hexmag magazines are made with the latest technology in materials and manufacturing processes this gives you a more robust and durable AR-15 magazine.
  5. As with any Hexmag product, they are made in the United States of America

Check out The Daily Shooter’s in depth review here.