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A Magpul D-60 5.56x45mm Drum Magazine The Pros And Cons Of A Drum Magazine
April 24, 2023
As has been covered in the past on the pages of The Mag Shack blog, having as much ammunition on hand as is humanly possible is a huge tactical advantage...
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The 15-round magazine helps to extend the grip for those with larger hands. “Equalizing” the Playing Field: Smith & Wesson Equalizer Review
April 19, 2023
Smith & Wesson Equalizer Review: Is it a Bodyguard, Shield EZ, or Both? Smith & Wesson released the M&P Shield EZ back in 2018, which aimed...
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A Heckler and Koch VP9 9mm Pistol With 9mm hollow-point ammunition. And magazines available at The Mag Shack! The Best Defensive Ammunition For Your 9mm Pistol
April 5, 2023
Today's world has many uncertainties - don't let your defensive ammunition selection be one of them.
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