Finding the best AR-15 sling is part of building your rifle. Sure, your rifle can function without it, but you can’t. Once you start taking that rifle to training sessions, you will need a sling to keep it close to your body. 

Or you can let it hit the floor (don’t do that). 

Finding a suitable sling also begs the question of “how many points?” 

If you don’t know what I meant by that, we have some work to do here. Let’s talk about the points of a sling, and I’ll give you my recommendations on the best slings for an AR-15 (or any Armament rifle) 

What Are The Points Of A Sling?

There are three points of a sling.

A one-point (or single-point) sling attaches to a single part of the firearm and is excellent for maneuverability. The issue with one-point slings is that they allow the gun too much freedom and can slap you in the junk or on the knees. 

A two-point (or double-point) sling attaches to two points of a rifle and is the best of both worlds. It isn’t as maneuverable as a one-point sling but not as restrictive as a three-point sling. This is the sling setup that you’ll find on most rifles. 

A three-point (or triple-point) sling attaches to two points on a rifle but has a loop that goes across the torso of the shooter. It’s great for keeping a rifle out of the way but terribly constrictive, especially if you have a vest on. 

Best AR-15 Slings

1. Haley Strategic D3 Sling 

Haley Strategic D3 Sling. Source

The D3 sling from Haley Strategic gives you the best of both worlds. While it functions primarily as a two-point sling, you can quickly be transformed into a single-point sling using the QD Tri-Glide. 

Haley Strategic D3 Sling in action on a FN SCAR 17S rifle. Source.

The D3 sling was built with combat in mind. The pad on the shoulders helps keep you comfortable (because when the bullets start flying, the last thing you need is an achy shoulder) and is hydrophobic, which is excellent news for sweaty people. 

The D3 has a pull tab for quick adjusting. 

2. Ferro Concepts Slingster

Ferro Concepts Slingster. Source

Ferro Concepts has been making quite a racket with their products recently, and their Slingster is a favorite in my shooting group (as well as their FCPC V5 plate carrier). Similar to the D3 Sling from Haley, it is designed to be used as a single or double-point sling. 

It also features a removable pad if you wish to run a plain Slingster, which removes some of the bulk that can get in your way. 

Ferro Concepts Slingster installed on a rifle. Source.

If you don’t want to remove the pad, you can quickly adjust it to your liking. 

One of the most intriguing features of the Slingster is the pull tab. Where most companies use nylon from the sling, Ferro Concept uses an injection molded tab that you can use with or without gloves. 


3. Flatline Fiber Co Padded Sling

Flatline Fiber Co. Padded Sling. Source

Flatline Fiber Co. is another company that has been on many minds lately, and not because they’ve innovated anything, but because their products just work. And they’re quality. In this case, it’s more comfortable than Charmin Ultra Soft. 

The padded sling from Flatline features a pull tab made from Cordura. It’s nothing fancy, but you won’t have to worry about your sling holding up to the heat when it comes to this one. 

4. Blue Force Vickers Sling

Vickers Sling. Source

This sling is one that I’m well familiar with. Every Marine is. The USMC uses it, and if it can hold up to the abuse in combat and from recruits multiple times (from being reissued), it will do you wonders. 

sling with qd swivel attached to buttstock and additional burnsed qd socket on sling

The Vickers Sling from Blue Force is a three-point sling, but since the loop is behind you, it comes off as a two-point sling. 

While nothing is fancy about the Vickers sling, it is built to take the abuse. 

5. T-Rex Arms T-Rex Sling

T-Rex Sling. Source

T-Rex Arms is very innovative with its products. Indeed, their T-Rex sling is something that you should consider. The padding on the sling makes it highly comfortable, while the pull tab is reversible. 

T-Rex Sling. Source

Meaning that you can tailor it to your liking. If you wanna pull the tab back to tighten or loosen, it’s up to you. 

What sets this sling apart from others is the relatively low price that you pay for such a quality product. Anyone looking for the best ‘budget’ sling, this one is for you. 


Hopefully, you better understand the best slings for AR-15s in 2023. Don’t worry. I’ll update this list as new products come out. For now, rest assured that any of these slings will get you through your worst day.  

Be good and take care.