Finding the best concealed carry jacket or sweater can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life. It can also be a great aid if you must present your firearm in a dangerous situation. 

As someone who lives where it is cold for eight months out of the year, I’ve searched long and hard to find the best jackets and sweaters for concealed carrying. Ironically, a few of the ones we’ll discuss today aren’t actually meant specifically for concealed carry.  

Those that you see with built-in holsters and pockets for your firearm are typically not the best way to go, in my experience. Instead, I’ll provide examples of features that can make any sweater of your choice suitable for concealed carry. 

With that out of the way, let’s jump in. 

Best Concealed Carry Jackets and Sweaters

Viktos Alpha Dawn Insulated Jacket 

This jacket is a favorite of mine for many reasons, but primarily because of its side zippers. These zippers extend high up the side, which allows you only to have one zipper raised for quick access to your firearm.

Viktos Alpha Dawn Jacket

The gray Viktos Alpha Dawn Jacket blends in nicely with almost any outfit. Source: amazon

It’s also insulated for those colder winter months and doesn’t have front pockets that can get in the way when going for your firearm. That may be a drawback for those who like having storage space there, but it’s best not to stuff your front pockets full of stuff when carrying.

Viktos Alpha Dawn Jacket

The upper chest pockets are great for keeping your essentials. Source: amazon

In order to provide storage without getting in the way, there are pockets up top near your chest. Available in several different colors, you can pick the best one for your environment. 

5.11 Tactical Rain Shell 2.0 

When the rain starts falling, having a rain shell is the best way to keep dry and comfortable. The 5.11 Tactical Rain Shell 2.0 was sent to me a while back, and aside from the elastic cuffs, I fell in love. 

The nylon body with polyester lining is warm enough to wear in 20-degree weather with a long sleeve underneath but light enough to wear once the temperatures start rising. The jacket hood is stable and easily deployed when you feel those first raindrops.  

But what makes this jacket great for concealed carry are the two zippers on the sides of the jacket, just like the Viktos one. When kept unzipped slightly, the front of the jacket gives plenty of room for quick access to your firearm. Those two zippers also help ensure you have enough space to mitigate printing. 

Again, try not to keep anything in the front pockets since that might make it harder to draw.

5.11 Tactical Rainshell 2.0

The 5.11 Tactical Rainshell 2.0 provides a nice balance of warmth and coverage. Source: 511tactical

Rothco Concealed Carry Hoodie

This sweater has an ingenious design that allows access to your firearm from inside the kangaroo pocket. This is a massive bonus to those who like to play it cool and keep their hands tucked in and who want to tip the odds in their favor. 

It allows you to be inconspicuous and surprise your attacker. This is something that most other sweaters or jackets do not offer. 

The process of drawing may take some practice, but it is well worth it. 

You’ll also find zippered pockets on each sleeve, two pen pockets, and a phone wire pass-through to keep your gear nice and organized. If you like to wear your patches, it also has space for that. 

Best of all, it’s inexpensive, like most Rothco products.

Rothco Conealed Carry Hoodie

The pass-through makes the Rothco Conealed Carry Hoodie ultra-discreet. Source: uspatriotact

Arrowhead Tactical Standoff Concealment Hoodie 

If you’re a fan of joggers and dressing comfortably, you’ve probably heard of Arrowhead Tactical. Its standoff hoodie is meant for those who like to be comfortable but keep their firearm hidden. 

It features a hidden pocket in the kangaroo pocket that allows quick access to your firearm, like the Rothco hoodie, but this one from Arrowhead has a larger inside pocket, creating easier access.  

It’s a reasonably warm hoodie featuring a polyester/elastane outer shell and a cotton interior liner, making it ideal for fall and early winter. I also like that the logo is hidden underneath the hood as not to draw too much attention.

Consider the Standoff hoodie if maximum comfort and concealability are what you’re after.

Arrowhead Tactical Standoff Concealment Hoodie

Quick firearm access is not an issue with the Arrowhead Tactical Standoff Concealment Hoodie. Source: arrowheadtacticalapparel

Any Oversized Sweater or Hoodie 

Many sweaters and hoodies are not designed for carrying per se but are thick and baggy, allowing you to conceal your firearm effectively. Take, for example, Noveske’s Legacy Stacked hoodie.

It’s made to be thicker than your average hoodie to help minimize printing, and it is extremely warm thanks to its cotton/polyester/fleece blend. 

The reason I recommend it is the build quality. It’s tough, and the elastic band on the bottom is just secure enough to keep you warm while also being loose enough to quickly get to your firearm. 

It’s comfortable, easy to use for concealed carry, and warm. One thing to consider is the size of the logo, though, as it could potentially draw attention to you. However, this was just an example of how a “normal” hoodie can still do the trick!

Noveske Legacy Stacked Hoodie

The Noveske Legacy Stacked Hoodie is bulky enough to help conceal your firearm but isn’t made specifically for concealed carry. Source: noveske


Having the correct fitting sweater can make or break your carry game. Any of these hoodies we discussed will work great, and realistically, so will many others; just make sure you order them in a size that will provide a little extra room. 

If you find a jacket or hoodie with a holster built into the garment, be careful. I do not recommend those. The last thing you want is to have any mishaps with your firearm because the “holster” isn’t securing the pistol correctly. 

Be good and take care.

Brian Zerbian
Brian is a USMC Veteran and avid gun enthusiast from New Jersey who loves to spend his time shooting, writing, listening to classic rock, and learning new things.
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