To kick each new year off right, many of us travel to lovely Las Vegas for several days of firearm fun. If you didn’t guess by the article’s title, I’m referring to the infamous Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. 

When you factor in over 2,500 exhibits and roughly 100,000 products, seeing everything in a few days is impossible. There are many products that everyone goes into the show looking to check out, but there are also hidden gems that you stumble upon as you walk the massive show floor. 

Now that we’re back to regular life and have had time to reflect on the excellent products we got to see, let’s take a look at some that stood out the most to us!

Accessories & Gear

Surprisingly enough, I wound up being most excited for the new accessories and gear that either just came out or is slated to be released later this year. 

Silencer Central BANISH Speed K

The BANISH Speed K is the newest addition to the BANISH line of suppressors. At only four inches in length, it doesn’t look like your common suppressor.

ryan on shot show

I didn’t technically need ear protection, but better safe than sorry!

It was designed in partnership with Federal Ammunition for maximum durability and maneuverability. It passed seven rounds of SOCOM testing, which is extremely impressive. Each round puts 1,440 rounds through the suppressor!

With clipped-wall baffles, a finned blast chamber, and a vented 4th baffle, this suppressor delivers impressive sound reduction and mitigated gas blowback.

silencer game

The silencer game sure has evolved!

Holosun Digital Pistol Sight

Holosun is a leader in technology and innovation. This newest offering, which will hopefully be coming soon, combines Holosun’s red dot technology with either night vision or thermal technology (two different models). 

A thermal or night vision sensor mounts to your pistol’s accessory rail and wirelessly transmits data up to the red dot sight on your slide. Then, a thermal or night vision overlay is projected to pair with your red dot.

Holosun Digital Pistol Sight

The way the two accessories communicate is extremely impressive.

The red dot features Holosun’s Multiple Reticle System, which includes options for a 32 MOA circle, 2 MOA dot, or a combination of the two. 

I don’t know how much this technologically advanced setup will be, but I would not expect it to be cheap!

Primary Arms GLx 1x MicroPrism

Possibly one of the least exciting on the list is actually one that I’m really looking forward to. I’m a sucker for high-value/high-quality accessories, and the Primary Arms SLx 1x MicroPrism has been one of my favorites for years.

Primary Arms GLx 1x MicroPrism

It may not look like much, but the performance is very impressive.

Primary Arms is about to release the GLx (upgraded) version of its 1x MicroPrism, which will introduce nearly unlimited eye relief. The glass quality is amazing, it has low-profile controls, and I’m sure it will be just as durable as the SLx model.

Primary Arms GLx 1x MicroPrism

Those controls won’t be easily bumped on accident.


I have a feeling at least one of these will be entering my collection. 

Primary Weapon Systems UXR

Modularity has been the name of the game recently, and Primary Weapon Systems is not going to sit by and watch silently.

standard AR-style magazines

Accepting your standard AR-style magazines provides plenty of options. Source: primaryweaponsystems

The new UXR features an innovative barrel exchange system that allows shooters to switch between .300 BLK, .308 WIN, and .223 Wylde with ease. A modified long-stroke piston system provides exceptional reliability across the calibers.

patent-pending Xchange system

As you can see, the patent-pending Xchange system is not too difficult to use. Source: primaryweaponsystems

It comes with all the upgrades you’d want, such as an adjustable gas system, compensator, and an M-LOK handguard, leaving little to be desired. 

Daniel Defense Daniel H9

We couldn’t even think of making this list without including the first pistol ever from Daniel Defense. 

The Daniel H9 is an interesting offering that combines the ergonomics of a 1911 with the shootability and ease of maintenance of a striker-fired pistol.

Daniel Defense Daniel H9

I feel Daniel Defense could have made it a little more aesthetically appealing, but that’s just me.

A 7075 aluminum frame provides a lightweight yet durable base for the H9 that is finished with high-quality G-10 grip panels. Up top is an optics-ready slide with a fiber optic front sight, and down below, you’ll find a straight pullback trigger and an accessory rail.

Daniel Defense Daniel H9

I can’t wait to shoot the H9 to see if it lives up to the hype.

It is on the pricey side, but only time will tell if it’s worth the price tag. 

For a more in-depth look, check out our Daniel H9 first-look article.

Palmetto State Armory 570 Shotgun

Palmetto State Armory constantly releases crowd-favorite firearms, and this shotgun teased at SHOT Show drew quite the crowd!

The PSA 570 delivers an upgraded tactical pump-action shotgun that accepts Remington 870 furniture. It’s also rumored that PSA will be pumping out some of its own accessories for it as well.

Palmetto State Armory 570 Shotgun

I don’t really need another shotgun, but this one will be hard to resist buying. Source: palmettostatearmory

As with most PSA firearms, attention is paid to even the smallest details. You’ll find it’s optics-ready, has an interchangeable tube and barrel, and a conveniently placed trigger-finger action release.

I believe it’s still a concept for now, but based on the attention and reactions it received, I’m guessing it will be coming to the market.

It’s a Wrap

There are so many awesome products that we wish we could include, but this article would’ve turned into hundreds of pages! As we get our hands on some of the new toys that were released or are about to be, we’ll try to post hands-on reviews of them all.

As we eagerly await SHOT Show 2025, make sure to stay safe, train hard, and have fun.