If there’s one thing you’re bound to find at the box office, it’s an action movie. In that movie, there will likely be firearms that some of us can only dream of. Today, we list what WE think are some of the coolest firearms in television and movie history.

Some of these movies are older than we are, so each firearm is mentioned with a movie that it was featured in to help jog your memory in case it’s been a while.

Of course, we can’t list every firearm that’s ever appeared on the big screen, so we’ve boiled it down to five winners. The actual list is far longer than either you or I have the time for, and I’m sure you have firearms you’re already thinking of that should be here.

And they most likely should, but here are some of our favorites.

John Wick’s Custom H&K P30L

John Wick has wielded a myriad of awe-inspiring firearms. The movie series is undoubtedly a treasure trove of firearms that would make any enthusiast’s heart race, but something about the classics can’t be beaten. 

Throughout the series, John uses an assortment of different handguns. Glock, Sig, you name it. The first movie gave us a glimpse into the tools he used before they killed his dog and stole his Mustang.

The P30L John used features a large compensator on the business end and nothing else. It keeps the muzzle down so John can pull off three-gun-type groupings on a bad guy’s forehead. He does it well, and the P30L brings out that assassin we all know and love. 

HK VP9, P30 9mm 17 Round Magazine
HK VP9, P30 9mm 17 Round Magazine
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While we don’t see the P30L after the first film, it is a clear winner for one main reason: it killed Iosef and everyone involved in the death of that adorable little hound. Rest in Peace, Daisy.

John Wick’s Heckler and Koch P30Ls

Two of John Wick’s Heckler and Koch P30Ls with the huge compensators. Source: reddit

The Wraith SPAS-12

Now, unless you’re a fan of cars and 80s racing movies, you’ve probably never heard of The Wraith. Get this. 

A gang of car thieves kills the boyfriend of a girl that their leader is obsessed with. A new kid (Charlie Sheen) arrives in town one year later. 

At the same time, a mysterious figure begins targeting the gang, using his other-worldly Dodge Concept Car and extraterrestrial SPAS-12 to trash their cars, their warehouse, and them. 

He never uses the SPAS-12 on anyone in particular, but he puts slugs in their cars and effectively gets revenge on all of them. In the end, it turns out that Charlie Sheen was the reincarnation of the teen who was killed. 

federal shorty shotshell ammo
Federal Shorty Shotshell 12 Gauge Rifled Slug 1.75" Ammo
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In the end, he gets the girl and the car. I’m unsure where the SPAS-12 went, but let’s hope he got to keep it.

Wraith and his futuristic SPAS-12

The Wraith and his futuristic SPAS-12 meant business. Source: IMFDB

Doc Holliday’s Colt Thunderer

Val Kilmer played the role of Doc Holliday in Tombstone extremely well. While the gunplay was very spaghetti-western, Doc Holliday’s swagger made sure he had some fancy firearms to match his legend of being the fastest in the West. 

Whether concealing it behind his back like a trickster or shooting from horseback, Doc was always the victor. The ivory grips against the nickel steel made it stand out against the desert sand. 

All in all, it’s a fine-looking firearm. But when it’s wielded by the legendary Doc Holliday, the 

Thunderer becomes the hero of the story, mainly when Doc uses it to take down the main antagonist.

Doc Holliday unleashing his Thunderer in Tombstone

Doc Holliday unleashing his Thunderer in Tombstone. Source: IMFDB

Bob Lee Swagger’s Cheytac M200 Intervention

Mark Wahlberg knows how to play a hero. If you’ve seen Shooter, you’ve seen how well he plays the role of a retired USMC sniper who just so happened to resist death very well and took on the shady side of the U.S. Government after being framed for the murder of a prime minister.

While the M200 Intervention only has two or three scenes throughout the movie, no one can deny the Intervention is the most attractive long gun of all time. 

The legend of the M200 brings back memories for older gamers who remember the days of 360 no-scoping in Call of Duty MW2. There’s nothing like the 2009 MW2 Intervention. 

It hits differently. And no matter what, the Intervention is a rifle anyone would love to own.

Bob Lee Swagger aiming his M200

Bob Lee Swagger aiming his M200 Intervention at a can of stew to keep his skills sharp. Source: IMFDB

John Rambo’s M60 

Okay, perhaps we can’t own an M60 in real life unless we jump through a few long hoops and have the pockets to afford it, but Sylvester Stallone with a war pig tearing up a corrupt Sheriff’s town is fantastic. 

The M60 needs no introduction. Although the generation that used it best is mostly gone, “The Pig” is still a legend among light machine guns. No one can deny 7.62×51 at 550-600 rounds per minute, and Rambo has no issue using it. 

Being a master with firearms, Rambo spent time carrying the M60 around the dense Vietnam jungle, and when he managed to snag one from an M135 truck driven by a National Guardsman, it was game over.

The rest is history. Rambo uses it to complete his final task: give Trautman a war he wouldn’t believe.


Rambo doesn’t need to aim. Source: IMFDB


There have been plenty of different note-worthy firearms on the big screen, but these ones have been featured in more than just one movie. They have been in plenty and have left their impact on the firearm industry. 

Whether you’re a new shooter or have been shooting since the 1900s, there isn’t a firearm on this list that you wouldn’t want to add to your collection. Think about how cool it would be to have the Cheytac M200 Intervention on your mantlepiece.

That’s every shooter’s dream. 

Be good and take care.

Brian Zerbian
Brian is a USMC Veteran and avid gun enthusiast from New Jersey who loves to spend his time shooting, writing, listening to classic rock, and learning new things.
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