HiPoint’s New 3095 Carbine in .30 Super Carry

HiPoint’s New 3095 Carbine in .30 Super Carry

Hey there, fellow gun enthusiasts! It’s Brady Kirkpatrick, back with a new and exciting firearm for you.

Today, we’re going to talk about HiPoint’s latest offering, the 3095 Carbine chambered in 30 Super Carry. This new carbine is based on their proven Model 995 design but chambered for the innovative 30 Super Carry round, developed by Federal Premium in 2022.

So, let’s dive into the details and see if this budget-friendly carbine is worth the hype. Shall we?

Introducing the 30 Super Carry Cartridge

Before we get into the HiPoint 3095 carbine, let’s first discuss the 30 Super Carry cartridge it’s chambered for.

Designed by Federal Ammunition, this round brings the power of the 9mm with the concealability of 380 Auto, making it perfect for concealed carry. With ballistics equivalent to 9mm, it offers increased capacity at 12+1 rounds in the same magazine size, which means more firepower without adding extra weight or bulk to your gun.

Some quick stats on the 30 Super Carry cartridge:

  • Projectile diameter: .312″
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,250 f.p.s.
  • Muzzle energy: 297-308 foot-pounds
  • Pressure: 50,000 psi (with a 115-grain defensive bullet)

Recoil is comparable to 9mm, but with a slightly different feel, and you’ll notice a reduced muzzle flash.

However, one downside to this cartridge is that it’s not widely available or supported by many gun manufacturers or ammunition makers. Currently, only Federal Premium, Speer, CCI, and Remington offer loads for this caliber.

Meet the HiPoint 3095 Carbine

HiPoint’s New 3095 Carbine in .30 Super Carry

Now that we know what the 30 Super Carry cartridge is all about let’s take a look at the HiPoint 3095 carbine itself. With a 16.5-inch barrel, polymer stock, Picatinny rail, 10-round magazine, and adjustable rear sight, the HiPoint 3095 carbine is one of the first guns chambered for this new cartridge.

The carbine also boasts a threaded muzzle, sling mount, thumb safety, grip-mounted magazine release, and last-round lock open feature. It has an overall length of 32 inches, weighs 7 pounds, and comes with a lifetime warranty. With an MSRP of $349, this carbine is quite the bargain.

HiPoint 3095 Overview

HiPoint’s New 3095 Carbine in .30 Super Carry

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test the new HiPoint 3095 hands-on yet, but I’ve spoken with a few buddies who have tested it out and noted what they liked below.

Features That Stand Out

The HiPoint 3095 Carbine in .30 Super Carry showcases an impressive array of features that make it a viable choice for many shooters:

Size and Weight: The firearm is relatively lightweight, weighing in at 6.25 pounds, and compact, with a total length of 31 inches and a 16.5-inch barrel.

Accessory-Friendly: This carbine comes with a threaded barrel end and Picatinny rails on both the receiver and the forearm, catering to users who prefer customization. Whether you want to add lights, lasers, or other accessories, this gun has got you covered.

Adjustable Sights: The gun features adjustable rear sights marked with yellow graduation. This small detail enhances target acquisition, making it easier for you to hit your mark.

The Pros and Cons

Every firearm comes with its own set of advantages and potential drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know about the HiPoint 3095 Carbine in .30 Super Carry:


  • Affordable and offers good value for money.
  • Comes with a comfort-enhancing shock-absorbing butt pad.
  • Offers adjustable rear sights for better target acquisition.
  • Versatile, thanks to the Picatinny rails for accessory attachments.
  • Reliable, with no malfunctions or misfeeds reported during testing.
  • Easy to shoot with a low recoil.
  • Provides a fun shooting experience.


  • The .30 Super Carry cartridge is relatively new and might not be readily available.
  • Some people question the utility of a carbine in this specific cartridge
  • There’s a certain level of bias against HiPoint firearms in the gun community, which could potentially affect acceptance.

Key Benefits

HiPoint’s New 3095 Carbine in .30 Super Carry

The HiPoint 3095 Carbine is not only practical but also user-friendly. These key benefits make it a considerable option for a wide range of users:

Practicality: Especially for those who carry a sidearm chambered in .30 Super Carry, having a carbine in the same caliber offers a level of practicality.

User-Friendliness: Thanks to its affordability, reliability, and low recoil, the HiPoint 3095 Carbine in .30 Super Carry is suitable for a diverse range of users, from beginners to more seasoned shooters.

What Users Liked

Reviewers have shared positive feedback about the HiPoint 3095 Carbine:

Shootability: Users found it enjoyable to shoot.

Reliability: The firearm’s consistent performance during testing was a hit among users.

Compatibility: The convenience of having a carbine of the same caliber as their sidearm was appreciated.

Lightweight: The gun’s light weight made it easy to wield, which was beneficial to users with less upper body strength.


The Verdict: Is the HiPoint 3095 Carbine in 30 Super Carry Worth It?

In conclusion, the HiPoint 3095 carbine in 30 Super Carry is an interesting and budget-friendly option for those looking for a carbine chambered in an innovative cartridge. With decent accuracy, reliability, recoil, and ergonomics for its price range, it’s definitely worth considering for plinking and home defense.

However, keep in mind that the availability and support for the 30 Super Carry cartridge are limited at this time, so you may have trouble finding ammo or guns chambered for it. But if you’re willing to give it a shot, the HiPoint 3095 carbine in 30 Super Carry might be the perfect addition to your collection.

So, what do you think about the HiPoint 3095 Carbine in 30 Super Carry? Is it something you’d consider adding to your arsenal? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

And as always, stay safe, and happy shooting!