Ruger LCP MAX .380 ACP 10 Round Magazine


  • Factory Ruger LCP MAX magazine
  • 10 round, .380 ACP capacity
  • Optional Pinky Rest baseplate

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This is a factory Ruger LCP MAX flush-fit 10 round magazine.

This Ruger LCP MAX magazine features a 10 round capacity of .380 ammunition in its steel body. This Ruger magazine features a flush-fit baseplate already installed, and also includes an optional pinky rest baseplate. This would allow greater control of your LCP MAX pistol for the range, at home, or for everyday carry.

Its fine Ruger craftsmanship guarantee reliable performance for your Ruger LCP MAX pistol. Make sure to have a few extra LCP MAX magazines on hand and purchase them at The Mag Shack.

If you’re looking for an extended LCP MAX magazine, view the Ruger LCP MAX .380 ACP 12 Round Magazine.


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Shabbir H.

Good size

john s.
Excellent company

Fast shipping and good prices can’t beat em

Todd L.
Ruger LCP 380 MAX MAG purchase

I sent this very email the day the magazines arrived

Wanted to give you some positive feedback. I ordered two magazines for Ruger's new LCP MAX .380. First of all being a new subcompact firearm I was surprised to find magazines in stock anywhere yet the Mag Shack had them. Second, I ordered two mags at a better price than I could find anywhere that did have them in stock. Thirdly, I ordered them on 24 November the evening before Thanksgiving and they arrived the day after (Black Friday). I didn't request expedited shipping and really didn't expect to see the magazines for at least 10 days or so.

Thank you so much! Having been wounded on my 2nd and 4th deployments (last one took me out of the fight) I am 100% service connected disabled after 22 years as an Infantryman and senior leader with the 101st Airborne and several other top tier units. Carrying concealed is often challenging for me given some extra equipment I have embedded in me which is the main reason I stick with subcompact and .380 cal. I've owned about every model 380 and subcompact on the market to include all the Ruger LCP series, Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380,
Glock 42 the Ruger LCP MAX for my daily carry. I have a Sig P365 Romeo zero also but that's pushing the weight I prefer to carry and is in 9mm.

Unfortunately, the Ruger LCP MAX pistol only came with one OEM 10rd magazine. With my other variations of the LCP my Glock 42 and other 380's the mags only hold six rounds. I just don't feel comfortable kicking it with six rounds so I have to find a place to carry an extra mag. With the Ruger LCP MAX'S 10 round capacity, I'm pretty comfortable with one mag and now, especially two. Literally triples the round count I can carry on my person with just one extra mag.

I was the point man for my company's movement to contact in An Najaf, Iraq. I went into that first firefight with 13, 200 round M4 mags, 11 hand grenades, two smokes and an AT-4 (anti-tank rocket). I literally had to conduct a combat reload after expending all of those munitions mid fire fight. It wasnt due to poor marksmanship or a shortage of targets either. That's a lot of rounds to throw down range.

Point being, I know first hand, the importance of having the sufficient tools (or ammo) for the job. Again, thank you for the amazing price, lightening fast shipping and overall great experience with the Mag Shack providing me peace of mind and comfort to carry on an average size, rather beat up frame thats having its 34th surgery this coming Thurs, 2 Dec. One of three surgeries just for December. You folks will continue to be my, "go to" for all my firearms needs. Your vast variety of products, availability and service are second to none. Again, thank you! Below is a link to a trailer about my unit in Afghanistan. "No Greater Love". Best documentary I've ever seen, all filmed by our chaplain. Hope you check it out.


Timothy F.
Best place to purchase magazines!

I have placed multiple orders for all different kind of magazines. The Mag Shack has always had OEM quality products at great prices that were in stock. Shipping was fast and website easy to maneuver. Always the first place I make my purchases!

Candee S.
Ruger LCP MAX ,380 ACP 10 Round Magazine

They are great.. I was very pleased how fast they were shipped to me. I real continue to buy from here again.