S&W M&P 2.0 Shield 9mm EZ 8 Round Magazine


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S&W M&P 2.0 Shield 9mm EZ 8 Round Magazine

Here is some information about the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Shield EZ in 9mm.

The Smith and Wesson Shield EZ 9mm handgun extends the line of shooter friendly Smith and Wesson handguns. It has many features that were designed for the first time shooter and experienced shooter. The features include an easy to rack slide, easy to load magazine, easy recoil management and an easy trigger to pull. This gun is desinged to expand on the already popular Smith and Wesson EZ 380 handgun.


Easy To Rack: The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm handgun features an easy to rack slide that ensures people of all types can chamber the first round. A common problem that arises with many people, is an inability to rack the slide due to various reasons. This proves detrimental whether it be a defense situation or simply a issue while target shooting. If a person cannot physically operate the mechanics of their firearm,  then the gun is nothing but a paperweight. The EZ 9mm slide is extremely easy to rack and solves an age old problem. 

Easy To Load: Another common problem that people face when shooting is trouble loading magazines. Everyone who has ever loaded a magazine fed pistol can attest to the painful thumb imprints of forcing rounds against a tight spring. This problem can actually contribute to new shooters simply giving up and choosing not to go to the range or train with their firearms. This gun solves the problem by introducing a M&P Shield EZ 9mm magazine that features pull down tabs on each side. Upon pulling these down, a person can simply slide the rounds in and not have to fight the spring.

Easy To Manage Recoil: The third major issue that shooters face is recoil management. This aspect of shooting is crucial to being able to effectively put rounds downrange. Although shooting fundamentals such as grip and stance are crucial to recoil management, the firearm itself can contribute. The 9mm round is a fairly manageable round, however Smith and Wesson designed this gun with recoil management in mind. The 18 degree grip angle and textured grip allows shooters to establish a strong firing grip. The high tang grip also allows for getting the hand as high on the gun as possible to reduce muzzle rise.

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I ordered my mags on the same day I began my background check. Got the mags 2 days before I was allowed to pick up my new pistol. 👌😊👌

Great magazines.

Added a couple of new magazines to my Shield EZ 9mm . Smith and Wesson should be making these with at least 10 round capacity, like the new Shield Plus. Shield EZ is a great gun but lacks that extra capacity. As always service by Magshack was accurate and fast delivered. Thank you.

M&P EZ 9mm 2.0 Magazine

I was able to find this hard to find magazine at The Mag Shack. Thank you!

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