Amend2 Mod 2 Ar-15 30 Round Magazine (10 Pack)




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Amend2 Mod 2 Ar-15 30 Round Magazine (10 Pack)

Improving on our Mod-1 version was not easy, but we did it. In an effort to improve the cosmetic features of our magazines without sacrificing the durability and toughness of our Mod-1 version, we came up with the Mod-2 design. The Mod-2 magazines have ever bit of toughness the previous version did coupled with a new sleekness that doesn’t sacrifice grip. They have been tried and tested in all conditions and our customers love them. Amend2 Magazines have key features which allow them to function flawlessly and provide the durability every shooter is looking for.



  • Manufacture: Amend2
  • Model: Mod 2
  • Fit: Ar-15/M4/M16
  • Caliber: .223/5.56
  • Capacity: 30 Round
Weight 50 oz

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Customer Reviews

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10 Pack Mag Purchase

Great to work with and easy to order.

Thomas B.
Good as they get.

I have had better luck with these magazines than the other better known brand.
This has been especially true with my .204 Ruger rifles.

Steve F.
Great product congrats, Amends2

I've had these magazines a year and some change and they work great! It is a solid magazine and certainly can't beat the price. Speed loaders they say won't work with these magazines because the mags are not ridged enough. In my experience, any mag you use a speed loader on breaks down faster and sooner just from normal use not to mention misuses, like most of us who instead of counting our rounds we load into a speedloader, we just load until the magazine is full and can not accept another round assuming its 30 rounds or whatever number its supposed to hold causing the magazine to flex and bulge from even one to many rounds being loaded. Speed loaders are hard on magazines, they should only be used when the need to reload quickly is necessary and not all the time because the user is lazy, im talking to those of us that are not usually in gun fights on a daily basis. These magazines are great for the range and im sure the occasional gun fight we might face.

Amanda P.

Amend2 Mod 2 Ar-15 30 Round Magazine (10 Pack)

M. A.D.

Solid Mags! Never any issues with them.