Go Big or Go Home – The Best High-Capacity Magazines and Drums for Your AR-15

Any day at the range is a good day. But if you want to make a day at the range better, spend less time loading and more time pulling the trigger.

The easiest way to do that is to stock up on high-capacity AR-15 magazines. Thirty rounds are great, but 40 rounds are better. And 60 or even 100 rounds mean you’ll have more time to concentrate on your shooting between mag changes.

Here are four great high-capacity magazines for getting more trigger time out of your AR-15 rifle.

Magpul 40-Round

Magpul magazines are popular because they’re tough, reliable and affordable. You’ll see more PMags at the range than any other brand. And that’s why Magpul 40-round high-capacity magazines have been such a big hit. For only about $20, it gives you a 33% increase in capacity over a standard 30-round AR magazine.

X Products X-15 Chevron Skeletonized 50-Round AR-15 Drum Magazine

The next step up in capacity is occupied by X-Products’ X-15 50-round AR-15 drum magazine. The compact chevron skeletonized model keeps weight and bulk down.

Surefire 60-Round

Want to carry even more ammo in a single box magazine? Surefire’s 60-round high-capacity magazines let you double up on standard 30-round mags. The Surefire design packs those 60 rounds into a magazine that’s about the same length as a standard 30-rounder, and does it in an aluminum-bodied magazine for strength and durability.

Magpul D60 60-Round AR-15 Drum Magazine

If a drum magazine design is more attractive to you, Magpul offers a couple of options. Their D-50 and D-60 drum magazines are made out of Magpul’s tough and tested polymer and have proven to be reliable in heavy use. That’s not something a lot of AR-15 drum magazine makers can say.

Shop for High-Capacity Magazines for Your AR-15

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