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1911 Magazines

Shop our collection of 1911 magazines from industry-leading brands. We offer the highest standards for no-fail performance, perfect for competitive shooters or self-defense users alike. With several different calibers and capacity options, you can find the right magazine for your particular needs. All our products are made from trusted brands such as Kimber, Ed Brown, Springfield, Ruger, CMC, Wilson Combat, and more—ensuring quality assurance on all your purchases with us!

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Frequently asked questions about 1911 magazines

Are extended magazines available for the 1911?

Yes! We recommend the following 1911 extended magazines:

Browse our full selection for factory and aftermarket 1911 magazines.

Do all 1911 use the same magazines?

No, not all 1911s use the same magazines. While many 1911 pistols share a common design, the magazine can vary depending on the pistol’s frame size and caliber (e.g., full-size vs. compact). It’s important to ensure compatibility before purchasing magazines for your specific 1911 model. We recommend referring to your pistol’s specifications or consulting your pistol’s manufacturer for details.

What is the standard magazine for a 1911?

The standard magazine for a full-size (Government model) 1911 chambered in .45 ACP typically holds 7 or 8 rounds. However, capacity and design might vary based on the manufacturer and specific model. Always refer to your pistol’s specifications or consult the manufacturer for details.

How long can you keep a 1911 magazine loaded?

A 1911 magazine can remain loaded for months to years without significant wear or loss of spring tension. However, to ensure longevity and reliability, it’s a good practice to periodically unload and rotate magazines, as well as inspect them for wear or damage.