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FN 510 Magazines

Searching for FN 510 magazines? Look no further. Our selection features only the best factory FN 510 magazines available, with capacity options ranging from 10-rounds up to 22-rounds of 10mm.

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Frequently asked questions about FN 510 magazines

Which FN 510 magazine should I buy?

For the moment, there are three factory magazines available for the FN 510 pistol:

The FN 510 15-round magazine is excellent if you need a no-frills, flush-fitting magazine. 

However, if you want the most capacity you can get, then you would love the FN 510 22-round extended magazine.

Last, if you are restricted to a 10-round capacity, FN makes a factory FN 510 10-round magazine.

Is there a difference between the FN 510 / FN 510 MRD / FN 510 Tactical?

Nope! Not for magazines, at least… You don’t have to worry, each FN 510 magazine will fit those models.